Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ken Evans of the FIFTH ESTATE appeared live in 2013 at the Record Expo, Holiday Inn Dedham Mass

The Original N.E. Compact Disc & Record Expo is presented by Randolph Music

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
Jubilee JGs-8005 STEREO

Ken Evans of the Fifth Estate appeared at the Holiday Inn / Dedham Massachusetts live at the April 7, 2013 show...he's on camera for Haverhill Access TV speaking to REED of In Your Ear Records

OUR NEXT EVENT IS FEB 23, 2014.  The above date is an older date, of course, for historical purposes on this blog.

 Reed asks if there's a picture sleeve to any 45 RPMS

11:39 AM Blogging live from the Original N.E. Compact Disc & Vinyl Record Expo...WATD's Ed Bowen is at the front table... Rockin' Oldies shows on Saturday night.  Come on down and meet the dealers, the dj's and the artists.

At 11:5O AM, Ken talks about Ricky from the Fifth Estate joining the Remains.  The original configurations of The Remains and The Fifth Estate played on bills together.

Interviewing  Ken  Evans of the FIFTH ESTATE at 1:21 PM

The Demo That Got The Deam TM for 

The songs are: "So Little Time" b/w "Every Minute Of Every Day
The KAPP number is: K-691


Thursday 8-9 PM 

Megan Conley 
The Random Megan Rock Radio Show
Tisbury, Massachusetts

John Shea from WATD   



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